Thermal Energy Storage

Proven in Europe, the USA and the Middle East, Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is a more efficient and cost effective way to deliver energy to chill air.

By creating and storing energy during off-peak periods which can then be used in high-demand periods, it spreads the daytime requirement for energy to chill or heat air across 24 hours resulting in important cost and capacity benefits.

Thermal Energy Storage bridges the gap between energy storage and energy use and is used within HVAC systems for cooling and heating schemes. Thermal Energy Storage schemes may offer full or partial storage. Typically, you’ll recoup your costs within three years.

Reduce your cooling system running costs by up to 40%

Watch the video to find out more about how a Thermal Energy Storage system works. Talk to us today about how we can help your business make significant savings to your energy costs.

PCM TES is a more efficient and cost effective way to deliver energy to chill air

The benefits of a TES system

A properly planned and designed Thermal Energy Storage system often provides lower capital costs in addition to lower energy use at peak times resulting in lower energy costs.

Cost effective

Lowers capital costs because the system is designed to run at average load rather than max load. Avoids peak demand charges or levies and utility charges by reducing peak-time loads.

Environmentally friendly

Reduces energy consumption by maximising the cooling plant efficiency. This results in a higher Energy Efficiency Rating for cooling system plant.

Energy efficient

Reduces cooling system costs by up to 40% by running on off-peak electricity rates. It offers higher scheme capacity than traditional air conditioning.

Waste heat storage

A Thermal Energy Storage system provides waste heat storage during off-peak periods. It also delivers high cooling system storage capacity.

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However complex, we will provide a tailored solution that is cost-effective to install and run.

With the experience gained in the HVAC business for over 25 years our wide-ranging experienced team of HVAC experts, we understand your needs and have the right people to create a space that is comfortable for your employees or clients and keep your data safe. We have built a strong installation team with a dedicated commissioning department to ensure your system preforms to the optimum.

We have been in the HVAC business for almost 25 years and our wide-ranging experience includes first-hand international experience gained in Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland and Denmark. We have shown our commitment to overseas projects through our joining of the Irish Exporters Association.

The owners of Crystal Air work on the business every day – they are as hands-on as you can get. This means that where you need a decision from management, you will get one quickly. There is no need to escalate it to a board, a regional or national office or an absent owner.

Crystal Air has the widest choice of products at its disposal so that the very best solution can be put together for your project. Crystal Air is one of the biggest agents in Ireland for Panasonic (formerly Sanyo); we hold the coveted status of Business Solutions Partner (BSP) for Mitsubishi Electric which permits us to offer 7-year warranties to our clients on Mitsubishi equipment. Business Partner Plus dealer for Daikin, Europe’s leading manufacturer of highly energy efficient heating and cooling systems. We are exclusive partners of Pluss for Phase Change Material (PCM) in building HVAC application in the Republic of Ireland, Great Britain and Northern Ireland. we are business partners and suppliers for Airedale Air Conditioning who provide us with Chillers, Precision Air Conditioning, and Comfort Cooling Solutions.

The HVAC technology that we install needs highly trained technicians. For this reason, Crystal Air continuously invests in training and has sent our senior technicians to the training facilities of our brands internationally in order that they become experts in the field. In fact, Crystal Air delivers CPD training on legislation issues for architects, consulting engineers and end users.

As a Mitsubishi BSP, we get the best training and after-sales service.

We are specialists in Gas Engine Heat Pump (GHP) knowledge, the ideal solution where a power supply is not feasible or the capacity is insufficient.

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Domnick Ward is a design engineer and the MD and founding partner of Crystal Air. With 30 years experience in the industry, Domnick keeps the team focused on new products and promotes innovation to find better engineered solutions. Call Domnick today on 086 811 8133.

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David O'Brien


As Contracts Director and Co-founder of Crystal Air Ltd, David’s key area of responsibility includes the management of all installations ensuring projects are delivered from inception to client handover and to a high industry standard.

David has 35 years experience in the air conditioning industry and has been involved in project applications using Close Control systems, Chillers, VRV and DX systems. David has extensive experience in managing data centre projects across Ireland & Europe.

He is also a member of the Institute of Refrigeration Ireland. David is also directly responsible for Health & Safety and quality procedures are adhered to at all times while keeping up with the ever changing Health & Safety legislation.


Caroline Campbell


Caroline graduated with a Bachelor of Business (Honours) from Athlone Institute of Technology in 2005. She joined Crystal Air that year to work within our Service & Maintenance Department and having been previously promoted to Manager of this department she was appointed Director of Service & Maintenance in 2014 with responsibility for the growth and development of the department.

Her key role is the management of our existing customer relationships whilst ensuring that our customer expectations are exceeded through our planned preventative maintenance programmes and 24/7/365 reactive call-out and support service. Caroline also has responsibility for ensuring that our ISO accredited quality standards are adhered to and maintained throughout all departments within Crystal Air.


Domnick Ward


Domnick is the MD and founding partner of Crystal Air and is responsible for business development and key client relationships. His hands on approach keeps the team focused on new products and promotes innovation to find better engineered solutions while maintaining a healthy environment.

With over 30 years experience in the industry Domnick still enjoys the challenges here and abroad with input into our offices in Ireland, Holland and Finland. He is an active member of IRI and member of ASHRAE and a past chair of F-Gas IRI sub group and founder of FGR in Ireland. He also enjoys travelling and is known to play a round of golf.