Thermal Energy Storage / HVAC.

Were you in attendance?

Two day’s of exhibiting, Crystal Air PCM were at the forefront of the SEAI Energy Show providing all our visitors with an innovative, cost effective and environmentally sustainable solution that significantly improves the comfort and energy performance of both new and existing buildings.

With EU targets set in motion, Ireland’s challenges are plentiful. We must consider our options with an open mind to the benefits these changes will make to our future environment.

When we consider our Energy and how we use such a commodity, we consume as we produce. Not a good balance, have you heard the saying “save a little for a rainy day”? Well, that is what we do with our phase change material. Our thermal energy storage system stores your energy at night time when electricity rates are at their lowest, by offsetting the chillers that usually run during the day within your building, to now operating at night. This stored energy is then released to meet the demand of your building during the day when electricity rates are at their highest.

Just some of the benefits of a PCM Thermal Energy Storage System:


Chiller size by 30 to 70%
Cooling towers/ Dry Coolersby 40 to 80%
Electrical supply & distribution (transformer size)
Chiller short cycling
Maintenance cost
Running cost by up to 40%
Noise level
Electricity charges: demand (kW) and energy cost (kWh)

Do you have an existing chiller system? or just considering your future options?

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