Interested in the future of Ireland’s Energy?

Crystal Air PCM are, how about you? We recently exhibited at the National Power Summit in Croke Park. Pictured above far right, Don Hoban, Business Development Manager and newest member to the team Mark Claffey, Mechanical Project Engineer.

The conference delves into the main issues and strategies for transformation within the changing electricity industry landscape. Many a topic discussed and debated over the course of the day. Professor Tony Day spoke on energy storage being a key enabler for the transition to a truly low carbon energy system, and we do not disagree.

Do you want a reduction in cooling costs? Yes, Thermal Energy Storage (TES) using Phase Change Materials (PCM) can reduce your costs by up to 40% by running on off-peak electricity rates.

Do you want higher energy efficiency rating for your cooling system plant and additional savings? Yes, by storing energy during off-peak periods, you avoid the levies, peak demand charges and utility charges associated with cooling systems operating at peak-time loads.

PCM TES can contribute to BREEAM and LEED credentials.

Is this type of system suitable for my project? Yes, we can provide a suitable application to integrate into your existing cooling system as a partial storage or full TES system.

Our PCM TES system is designed for

  • Office Blocks
  • Hotel & Leisure Complexes
  • Data Centres
  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Telecom Units

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