Alexander Hotel

Exhibiting at the recent IHI Annual Conference held in the Guinness Storehouse, we were treated to an array of fine food and guest speakers which included Joe Schmidt head coach of the Ireland Rugby Team, Conor Kenny Founder & Principle of Conor Kenny & Associates, Niall Gibbons Chief Executive of Tourism Ireland, William Cotter Founder & CEO of Net Affinity Ltd & Conference Chairman Michael Vaughan.

Topics included, Ireland’s Tourism and Hospitality Industry. Thank you to all at IHI for such a great event.
As you can see, it was only fair we sampled the produce.

Like everything in the hospitality industry, we expect a certain standard when it comes to first impressions, whether that be, type of environment, friendliness of staff, or reliability.

It is the same when it comes to a hotels air conditioning system. Our standards need to be on point when it comes to your guest’s comfort ensuring only the maximum levels at all times. From the moment a guest walk’s through your doors, our systems will provide a fresh, pure, clear welcoming environment laying the perfect foundations for following guest interactions.

Our user-friendly individual control systems provide every guest unlimited control of their own comfort, while centralized control and monitoring systems provide hotel owners and staff a smart energy management system that optimizes building efficiency through effective heat recovery systems.

We provide a complete solution in Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and domestic hot water and where reliability is concerned, we provide complete peace of mind with our dedicated Service & Maintenance team which are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our on-call Engineer can be reached at: 086 142 6608

“Silence is golden”. It sure is, when it comes to noise levels within a hotel suite. Our systems are so quiet, you will think something is wrong, but your comfortable environment will remind you otherwise.

Alexander Hotel

Our recent refit of Alexander Hotel, included inside the meeting rooms, common areas and bedrooms, 128 Panasonic Indoor units, 14 ECO-i 3 Pipe Outdoor units, 108 hard wired remote controllers, 1 Touch Screen centralized controller and 10 wired remote controllers with Energy Consumption Display.


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