Crystal Air PCM

We are delighted to be exhibiting our Thermal Energy Storage Solutions Company at this year’s SEAI Energy Show on the 5th and 6th of April. Last year proved a successful year for Crystal Air PCM as we were awarded Innovation and Technology Company of the year for our Crystal Air PCM product.

Thermal Energy Storage

Crystal Air PCM offers thermal energy storage solutions for cooling and heating for commercial and industrial projects using phase change materials as the storage media. Our innovative PCM thermal energy storage systems provide for more sustainable, efficient and cost effective heating and cooling installations by retaining or creating and then storing this energy for use using the daytime for high demand periods.

The spreading of the daytime requirements for energy to chill or heat air across 24 hours results in significant cost and capacity benefits.

Crystal Air PCM is part of our group company and branches off from Crystal Air Ltd where we offer a broad portfolio of products including split systems, VRV and VRF systems, air-handling and ventilation units, chilled beams, inverter and non-inverter systems, grilles, VAV Units, Fan Coil Units, our knowledge base of installations and their suitability for the incorporation of thermal energy storage solutions is extensive and comprehensive.

If you have questions that you would like to ask, or a project in the pipeline and want to know if this is the way to go, drop by our stand [F11] and we will provide all this information for you.

If you would rather book a particular time for a sit down meeting at the show, get in touch by email

We are looking forward to chatting with you.


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