Continued Support for our Clients…  

Crystal Air takes the wellbeing of our employees, clients and the public very seriously. We have been keeping up to date with information relayed to us from the government.

The following changes have been implemented to ensure we continue operating through these challenges.

  1. We are regularly communicating with our employees with updated information on Covid-19. We are encouraging all staff who can, to work remotely but the office will remain open to facilitate those who cannot.
  1. Our site-based employees have been provided with resources for maintaining their sanitation whilst working on customer sites. They will continue working but this will be subject to our client’s policy.
  1. All employees have been provided with health & hygiene guidance and will adhere to this advice.
  1. All external visitors to our main office have been prohibited until further notice and we are ensuring our office-based staff adhere to social distancing.   
  1. We have suspended all business travel until March 29th and meetings will be attended using Microsoft Teams.
  1. If any employee has experienced symptoms of Covid-19, they will notify the Senior Management team immediately and will follow HSE guidelines with respect to self-isolation.

This information above is subject to change and we will adjust this information accordingly as the situation progresses. We are committed to providing a continuous service to our clients and continuity on Projects.

Crystal Air wish families and colleagues well and to stay safe at this difficult time.



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