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However complex the project, Crystal Air can provide a tailored air-conditioning solution that is cost-effective to install and run, is environmentally friendly and easy to operate and maintain. Here’s how:


Competent mechanical engineers

We can do this because of the caliber of our mechanical engineers. They are not only highly qualified, but they also have in-depth experience of working on brownfield sites and have the competence to make commercial decisions on site with the client’s best interests in mind.


The experience to get it right first time

We have been in the HVAC business for almost 20 years and our wide-ranging experience includes first-hand international experience gained in Switzerland, Finland and Italy. We have shown our commitment to overseas projects through our joining of the Irish Exporters Association.


Owner-managed for quick decisions

The owners of Crystal Air work on the business every day – they are as hands-on as you can get. This means that where you need a decision from management, you will get one quickly. There is no need to escalate it to a board, a regional or national office or an absent owner.


Product range

Crystal Air has the widest choice of products at its disposal so that the very best solution can be put together for each project. Crystal Air is one of the biggest agents in Ireland for Panasonic (formerly Sanyo); we hold the coveted status of Business Solutions Partner (BSP) for Mitsubishi Electric which permits us to offer 7-year warranties to our clients on Mitsubishi equipment; we supply Ciat products, one of the most innovative product designers in the HVAC industry; we supply the excellent Irish brand Edpac; we are delighted to be an agent for the new Toyota range of gas engine heat pump technology, Aisin GHP.


Product knowledge

The HVAC technology that we install needs highly trained technicians. For this reason, Crystal Air continuously invests in training and has sent our senior technicians to the training facilities of our brands internationally in order that they become experts in the field. In fact, Crystal Air delivers CPD training on legislation issues for architects, consulting engineers and end users.

As a Mitsubishi BSP, we get the best training and after-sales service.

We are specialists in Gas Engine Heat Pump (GHP) knowledge, the ideal solution where a power supply is not feasible or the capacity is insufficient.


Quotation packages

Crystal Air invests time and energy in preparing detailed and accurate quotations for genuine prospects at no cost.


Business Development Manager

Don Hoban is a chartered engineer trained in refrigeration. He is your point of contact from your initial enquiry right through to placing an order. Because Don is a refrigeration engineer, he can advise you on any aspect of your project and help you get the most out of it.



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